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At La Puente Advanced Dentistry, we are devoted to offering patients an unparalleled oral health experience. We believe in providing minimally invasive and comprehensive dentistry while maintaining a partnership with our patients to boost lifelong dental health. We provide top-notch services that range from teeth cleaning, crowns, gum therapy, implants, and orthodontic dental care with Invisalign and braces.

Our convenient and all-inclusive office makes La Puente Advanced Dentistry a perfect choice for professional and quick services, especially during work weeks. You could take a tour of our office, stay abreast of dental topics with our blog and learn about our innovative treatments under services. Additionally, we offer discounted membership programs to patients without insurance and referral reward programs for people who refer their family and friends.

Our welcoming environment, knowledgeable and competent staff, flexible payment methods, and excellent technology integrated with old-fashioned charm are just a few reasons why patients love to receive their oral health care from us.

For many years, we have assisted thousands of people in maintaining and transforming their beautiful smiles in the La Puente area. Although we've gained significant experience from these successful cases, we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences. From the time you enter our office, your comfort and oral health are our priorities.

If you're looking for an experienced dentist for you and your loved ones, we invite you to contact us at 626-626-7075 or come to our office and experience our 5-star-rated care.

Our Knowledgeable and Seasoned Team

La Puente Advanced Dentistry is proud to have an extremely experienced and qualified team. While our dentists come from various backgrounds, we have the same motivation and primary goal of assisting patients with functional and beautiful smiles. Whether it is a dental implant, root canal, tooth extraction, veneers, or tooth cleaning, our team will not rest until all our patients are satisfied with their treatment results.

During all dental visits, Dr. Kashani and the team equip patients with the information and knowledge required to maintain and improve their dental health. In addition, our dentists work with patients to offer personalized treatment plans founded on their needs and preferences. By elaborating on the advantages and disadvantages of all options, we empower individuals to make informed decisions.

Moreover, we offer oral health preventive practice tips that could save you vast sums of money in the future. We aim to become your oral health practice of choice by providing world-class customer care and outstanding expert care during all visits.

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Patient Reviews

Please read the section below to understand why our patients keep returning and referring their loved ones to us.

Specialty Services

Are you looking for an oral surgeon or root canal expert in La Puente, California? Regardless of your unique needs and preference, our competent dental team will assist you in achieving a healthier smile. Thanks to high-quality dental procedures like oral surgery and root canal.

Root Canal

In the middle of the tooth is a tissue called the pulp. It consists of nerve tissues and blood vessels that assist build your neighboring tooth. Some of the causes of the infection of your pulp are cracks, chips, repeated dental procedures, tooth trauma, and decay. Signs of an infected pulp include tooth swelling, pain in the gums and tooth, and temperature sensitivity.

If you experience these signs, the dentist will recommend a root canal. The physician will remove the pulp and then clean and seal your root canal system. Typically, the treatment has a high success rate. For further details, please contact us now.

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For many years, Dr. Kashani and the team have offered dental care to enable patients to regain functional and healthy smiles. The initial step towards a healthy and beautiful smile is to contact us today at 626-626-7075 to schedule your appointment. We have a friendly atmosphere and go beyond to assist you to feel at ease during your dental appointment.

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