When it comes to your oral health and the oral health of your spouse and children, you must have many questions. We are happy to address them. At La Puente Advanced Dentistry, our goal is to provide family dentistry services that are patient-centered. Meaning you, the patient, set oral health goals, and we help you reach these goals. Helping you plan your dental goals involves educating you about the various oral problems and their treatment to be confident about the proper treatment. If you have questions about our services, below, we have highlighted the commonly asked questions.

Yes, you are allowed to be with your child during dental appointments to understand their oral needs, how to care for them,  and the kind of treatment they need. The child will feel more comfortable and confident to communicate when you are around, promoting dental care.

Sealants are thin, protective coatings that protect cavities and fissures in the mouth, making it challenging to brush, increasing the risk of decay. Sealants are recommended because they protect the chewing surfaces of your mouth, especially the molars. You are encouraged to put sealers on the molars right after they erupt to reduce the chances of developing cavities.

Family dentists offer treatment for various dental issues and educate your family, especially the children, on healthy oral hygiene habits, which are critical in reducing visits to a dentist and preventing tooth decay. A reputable dentist will educate the family on how to brush and floss the teeth and the diets to stick to avoid various oral problems.

Because dental techniques and technological advancements are being witnessed every day in the field of dentistry, a family dentist will keep you up to date with these developments if they can help promote the oral health of your family.

The strong relationship created between your family and the dentist can also help you speak out and ask questions regarding dental care. A dentist will advise you to brush and floss your teeth twice a day and avoid whitening toothpaste. After meals, you should swish your mouth using water to remove the food particles and acid in the mouth. By teaching your children healthy oral habits at an early age, they grow to become healthy adults who don’t spend most of their time and money in dental clinics because of dental issues.

Family dentists differ from pediatric dentists in terms of the training and services provided. For example, a family dentist has completed a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and four years in dental college. On the other hand, a pediatric dentist undergoes the same training and, on top of it, obtains two to three years of training on the behavior of children, the common dental problems that face kids, and how to address these issues.

With a family dentist, all your family’s dental needs for both adults and children will be addressed under one roof, decreasing the need to move from one facility to another because of varying dental conditions. However, suppose you have hired a pediatric dentist for your children. In that case, you will need to schedule a different appointment for the adults in the family or be forced to go looking for another dentist once your kids become adults because the pediatric dentist can no longer handle their oral needs.

You are encouraged to start taking your children to the dentist when the first tooth erupts. After that, you should do this once every six months for regular screening and cleanings. The first visit to the dentist is the most essential because this is when the dental expert recommends how often you should visit the clinic, based on the oral needs of the kid. When the children attain the age of six to eight years, permanent teeth start to erupt and are susceptible to decay, so you should regularly visit the dentist to prevent the decay.

There is no specific limit on the number of visits you should make to the dentist for adults. However, like the children, your oral needs and unique situation determine the number of times you should see a dentist. During your initial visit, the dentist will assess your condition and decide how often you will need cleaning and other dental treatments that might be necessary. Suppose you are suffering from a periodontal disease that is discovered during your first visit. In that case, you will need to maintain regular visits to the periodontist to clean and manage the disease.

Family dentistry has simplified scheduling appointments because you can schedule everyone’s regular screening simultaneously and in the exact location. As a result, planning dental visits becomes more accessible than ever. Additionally, you can avoid the stress of scheduling appointments for each family member in a different facility by finding the right family dentist.

Dentists might suspect a significant dental issue that cannot be identified through regular screening. In that case, they will recommend an x-ray to guide their treatment. If you are worried about the safety of these devices, then worry no more because your family dentist will use the most advanced x-ray technology that limits exposure to radiation using lead aprons and high-speed films. Digital x-rays are even much better because they lower radiation exposure by up to 90%, making the procedure safe for you and your family.

Your age and the condition of your teeth are what guide the dentist on whether an x-ray is essential. Sometimes, children and teenagers will need more x-rays than adults because their teeth and jawbones are still growing.

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in air, soil, and water that strengthens your teeth and protects them from cavities. However, when fluoride is consumed in high quantities, it becomes toxic, so you are discouraged from swallowing fluoride toothpaste. A family dentist will know the members who are at risk of developing cavities to recommend a fluoride treatment.

When it comes to fluoride toothpaste, you can use fluoride toothpaste, but you should use the tiniest amount for your toddlers. When they turn the age of three, kids can spit, meaning you can increase the amount of toothpaste used to brush their teeth. Note that you should monitor them whenever they are brushing until they turn six years old because their swallowing reflex is still growing, and they might end up swallowing the fluoride toothpaste.

A dependable family dentist’s services are tailored towards general and preventive dentistry. The benefits you will find in a dental practice include:

  1. Regular Checkups

A reliable family dentist will arrange a meeting after every six months for a dental examination. They will clean your teeth during these visits and look out for signs of decay or other oral problems to address them before they are out of hand.

  1. Fluoride Treatment

If you have kids, then you already know how tooth decay is common among children. A family dentist will provide fluoride treatment and dental sealants to address the decay problem.

  1. Identifying and Sealing Dental Cavities

Tooth decay is prevalent among children, but it doesn’t mean it’s unpreventable. With a family dentist, you and your family can go for regular checkups, during which the dentist will identify cavities and provide dental fillings treatment to seal the holes, preventing decay in both kids and adults.

  1. Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is common among adults, and if you need treatment for this, you can find the services in a family dentist clinic. There, you will receive periodontal maintenance, scaling, planing, deep cleaning, and prescription of antibiotics to treat the periodontal disease and prevent infections.

  1. Orthodontic Treatment

Although you might not find orthodontic treatment in a family dentistry practice, the family dentist will conduct an assessment and refer you to an orthodontist for treatment.

Other services you will find in a family dentist clinic include cosmetic dentistry. Working with these professionals has many benefits because they can take a gentle approach during treatment that gives your children a positive experience and helps them adopt proper oral hygiene habits that reduce the number of visits to the dentist.

When sugary substances contact your mouth, your mouth has particular bacteria that produce acids that attack the enamel on the outer part of the mouth, creating pits or holes called cavities.

You can help your child prevent cavities by ensuring they brush and floss their teeth as recommended by the dentist using fluoride toothpaste. Also, you should maintain a healthy diet, limit the consumption of snacks and keep off sugary foods.

The first visit to a dentist is not usually complex. The dentist will focus on knowing the child and educating them on what they should do to have and maintain natural and functional teeth. Afterward, the dentist will examine the child’s teeth to look for any existing or signs of dental problems in the teeth and gum lines. At La Puente Advanced Dentistry, we will educate the child on proper oral hygiene habits and provide reading materials to promote healthy oral habits in your family.

You and your children are likely to feel anxious before this first visit to the dentist. The best way to prepare for an event like this is to stay positive and avoid talking about any negative experiences associated with dental treatment. Remember, you are a role model to your kids, and if you talk about the positive experiences of visiting a dental clinic, your children will not be afraid of going for their first appointment.

Research online about the family dentist you will be visiting and show your kids some pictures of their offices, staff, and the measures put in place to ensure children are relaxed and comfortable. Also, you should stress the need for having healthy and flawless teeth and that the person to help them obtain these results is the family dentist. That way, the kid(s) will be eager to visit the dental clinic.

Family dentistry is a practice that focuses on the unique oral needs of both children and adults. Remember, oral needs differ from one stage of life to another. Your dental needs are different from those of your children or teenagers, and despite the difference, a family dentist will provide comprehensive dental care for temporary and permanent teeth. By enabling you to access all the dental services you need under one roof, family dentists will save your time because you don’t need to schedule appointments in different clinics or start shopping around for another dentist when your kids become teenagers.

Like the general dentists, family dentists’ services deal with cleanings, periodontal disease, orthodontics, cavity fillings, and fluoride treatment.

You might assume that you need to have an oral specialist for each oral need because the various dental needs require different specialists. This is untrue because you will find a dentist trained to deal with multiple dental problems in a family dentistry practice, meaning you can receive these services under one roof. With the right family dentist, you and your family can enjoy the best dental experience in-house.

We recommend that you begin as early as possible, even before the first tooth erupts, to clean your infant’s gum lines after feeding. Ensure you use a damp or soft washcloth to avoid injuring the gums. Once the first tooth erupts, you can begin using a brush designed for minors because it will have a small head and soft bristles that won’t harm the child’s gums.

You are probably asking yourself as a parent: why do I need to take my child to the dentist at the age of three while baby teeth aren’t permanent? The answer to this question is that those baby teeth are essential in the child’s growth because they determine their speech, eating habits, smile, and hold together the jawbone to grow permanent teeth. If these baby teeth are damaged or decay, the child ends up losing them, leaving open sockets in the mouth, causing space encroachment by other teeth. Because of this, your child begins to deal with crooked or misaligned permanent teeth at an early age resulting in other serious health issues.

As mentioned earlier, you and your spouse’s dental needs are different from the kids’ needs. The best gift for your children is to visit a family dentist who understands their needs and is experienced in handling children. A family dentist will address your children’s needs as they turn to teenagers and adults, meaning you don’t need to shop around for a specialist after every few years once you find the right one. Some of the benefits you will derive from retaining the services of a family dentist include:

Provides Enough Care for the Whole Family

Family dentists offer all the dental services you might require based on your family’s needs. Most clinics begin receiving infants as early as three years, although the most frequent visitors in these facilities are teenagers and adults who go in for cleaning and regular checkups. With an experienced family dentist, your family is assured of regular checkups and cleanings, which are critical in ensuring oral health for your family.

You Create a Relationship With Your Dentist

The pain and discomfort associated with most dental procedures make many people anxious when visiting the dentist. Your situation becomes even worse when the dentist you are visiting is a new one because you have trust issues. However, with family dentistry, the dentist you and your family members see during the initial visit is the one you continue seeing all through. This means even your children start feeling comfortable during appointments, enabling them to open up on their different oral needs.

Besides, hiring a family dentist provides an opportunity for creating personal relationships that help the dentist understand your family’s oral needs, thus offering the best treatment.

Family Dentists Offer Convenience

If you are a working parent, you understand juggling between family and work is not a piece of cake. A family dentist saves you the hassle of driving from one clinic to another to access dental care for each family member. These people have the training, knowledge, and dental tools required to address all oral issues affecting people in different life stages. You can access all the treatment needed by the family in-house, which is convenient for everyone.

Find an Experienced Family Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for a dentist for your family and have questions regarding their services, the information provided in this article will give you the answers you need. If you cannot find answers to your questions, feel free to contact the La Puente Advanced Dentistry team today. Call 626-626-7075 to arrange a meeting or over-the-phone consultation.

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