Lumineers are super thin dental veneers dentists use to correct various defects in your teeth and restore your beautiful smile. They can use them to correct crooked teeth, fill gaps in your teeth, increase the length of your teeth or make them brighter.

Lumineers mimic the color and shape of your natural teeth. You can choose shaded or white Lumineers depending on the color of your natural teeth. If you have shaded teeth, you need shaded Lumineers. If you have white teeth, it's better to have white Lumineers.

Like many dental makeovers, Lumineers are popular with patients who would like to enhance their natural smile. They have a host of advantages over other cosmetic dental procedures. They are more affordable than other teeth whitening procedures like laser whitening treatments. Additionally, the result is highly satisfying if done right.

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How Lumineers Can Help Restore Your Smile

It can be challenging to have the perfect smile if you have a broken or cracked tooth. Broken teeth can cause a gap, which can look awkward. Maybe you also have gaps between your teeth and look awkward when you smile. Lumineers are a great option to fill these gaps and make your smile look more natural.

What Material Makes Lumineers

Lumineers are made from porcelain which is very strong and durable. It's also esthetically appealing and sturdy. Therefore, it’s able to withstand the mouth’s rigorous activities. With proper maintenance, Lumineers can last for ten to fifteen years. Porcelain doesn’t stain. Therefore, the Lumineers maintain their aesthetic appeal for a long time.

Lumineers are extra thin dental veneers. Many patients prefer them because they are less bulky. Thanks to their size, the dentist only files a thin surface off your tooth. Although many marketers state you don’t need any tooth filling, the information isn’t entirely accurate.

When the dentist bonds the Lumineers to the teeth, they become permanently attached. The medical specialist removes them only when you need to replace the Lumineers. They look natural and blend with your natural enamel.

Why You Should Go For Lumineers

Lumineers look natural and come in various colors, which can help hide various flaws or defects on your teeth. The Lumineers can be used to fix cosmetic problems and make your smile look brighter and more natural.

If you have a broken tooth, the Lumineers can fill the gap and make your smile look more natural. Lumineers can also fix gaps between your teeth. The Lumineers can also help make your tooth look bigger and more appealing.

The Lumineers are also more affordable than the laser whitening treatments. For less severe problems, it’s preferable to use this treatment. The result is more or less as some more expensive procedures, and the side effects are minimal.

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

Lumineers can last for years if you take proper care. They are semi-permanent, and the dentist can remove them when you need to lace new ones. The Lumineers can last for ten years or more. Their longevity depends on various factors, including the dentist’s technique to fix them, habits like clenching, grinding, biting, oral hygiene, and diet.

You are likely to reduce the lifespan of the Lumineers if you don’t brush or floss regularly. If you consume sugary foods and drinks, your Lumineers aren’t likely to last long.

To increase the longevity of your Lumineers, you should take care of them as you do your natural teeth. Ensure you floss and brush regularly, protect your gum’s health and visit your dentist for regular dental check-ups and cleaning. Also, tone down on foods and drinks like coffee and alcohol, likely to cause the Lumineers’ discoloration. You should also avoid tobacco as it can also damage the Lumineers.

How Do I Choose The Right Color Of Lumineers?

Lumineers come in a variety of shades and colors. Therefore, you can choose the shade and color that best matches your teeth. In most cases, the dentist will choose an appropriate shade close to your teeth’ natural hue.

Remember, when it comes to the color and the shade of the Lumineers, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You have to consider various factors when choosing the best-fit Lumineers color and hue. You have to consider the whiteness of the Lumineers. Although you might want to whiten your teeth, you should carefully choose the intensity of the whiteness. Remember, Lumineers that are too white look unnatural.

The tone of your skin, your face’s shape, the shape of your smile, and the whites of your eyes are important factors to consider when choosing the color and shade of Lumineers. You should choose a color that will complement the tone of your face. Lumineers are translucent due to their extra thin nature. Therefore, the color of your natural teeth plays a significant role in the shade of the Lumineers you select. You should go for Lumineers that are as close as possible to the color of your natural teeth. You don’t want the tooth with the Lumineer to stand out!

What Should You Expect After The Dentist Places The Lumineers

Lumineers look like your natural teeth and blend in perfectly to give you a natural look. They are also ultra-thin so that they can comfortably fit in your mouth. The primary purpose of Lumineers is to correct minor flaws or defects in your teeth.

You should visit your dentist after they place the Lumineers to establish a maintenance schedule. The constant checkups will ensure the dentist identifies any developing problems with the Lumineers.

Understanding The Procedure Of Placing Lumineers

Mostly, the dentist bonds the Lumineers in a single visit. They can be placed in as little as two hours or less if the dentist performs the procedure on one or two teeth. The process is simple and fast since they’re made from a unique composite material, making it easy to work with the Lumineers.

The Lumineers are extra thin, making it possible to bond them to the teeth with minimal trimming. Since the procedure is highly noninvasive, you don’t need anesthesia. They measure between .3 and .2 millimeters. The measurement is similar to that of a contact lens.

Benefits Of Lumineers

Here is a look at some of the benefits lumineers offer.

The Procedure Conserves Your Natural Teeth

Unlike other restorative procedures, Lumineers require minimal trimming, if any, and the lack of trimming preserves your teeth.

It’s A Perfect Option If You Are Squeamish About Dental Work

If you‘re squeamish about dental works or injections, Lumineers are a great alternative. Since the procedure is highly noninvasive, you don't need injections or anesthesia.

The Procedure Doesn’t Induce Tooth Sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity can be a significant challenge. If you have sensitive teeth, more invasive procedures can pose a problem. However, with Lumineers, you don’t have to worry about sensitivity since the dentist seldom needs to trim your natural teeth. The procedure doesn’t also induce any tooth sensitivity as would happen with other procedures like conventional veneers.

The Bond Is Pretty Strong

During the procedure, the dentist will bond the Lumineer directly to the tooth enamel. The enamel is robust, which makes the bond quite strong as well. Conventional veneers require more trimming. During the trimming process, the dentist may expose some of the dentin. Dentin is the tooth’s inner layer which isn’t as strong as dentin. If this happens, the bonding won’t be as strong as when it's on dentin.

Risks Of Lumineers

Lumineers are generally safe. However, they come with some risks like gum irritation, cracking, chipping, or breaking. If the dentist doesn’t perform the procedure right, the Lumineers can look unrealistic and overdone. Also, the color may not match perfectly with the rest of the teeth. However, you can mitigate these risks by visiting an experienced dentist.


If you do not brush or floss regularly, you risk the rate of infection. Your risk of infection is also higher if you have cavities or other dental problems. Lumineers also make it more challenging to clean around your gum line, increasing the chances of infection.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can damage the gum tissue and cause permanent tooth loss. It can also cause gum disease. If the dentist doesn’t place the Lumineers correctly at the gum line, the Lumineers become more susceptible to separating from the teeth. Additionally, any gap between the Lumineers and the teeth can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause gum infections.

How Many Lumineers Can You Have?

The number of Lumineers you can have depends on several factors, including the size of your mouth, the shape of your teeth, and the flaws you want to fix. The dentist can place the Lumineer on one tooth or multiple teeth. It all depends on how many teeth you want to restore. However, the dentist can only place the Lumineers on your front teeth and premolars.

Where Can You Find Lumineers?

You can find Lumineers in most dental offices. These include family dentists, cosmetic dentists, and pediatric dentists. The Lumineers are also available in many dental supply stores or pharmacies, and they are also available online at a variety of websites.

What Can I Do If Lumineers Become Loose?

You should see your dentist immediately if Lumineers become loose. The dentist will remove them and fix new Lumineers. They will also find out the reason they became loose. Maybe, the dentist who performed the procedure didn’t do it right. They may also become loose if you fail to practice proper oral hygiene or eat too many sugary foods and drinks, and you fail to clean your teeth after meals properly.

What Are The Costs Associated With Lumineers?

The costs associated with Lumineers vary from dentist to dentist. Every dentist has a price they charge for the procedure. Therefore, it's critical to enquire about the cost of the procedure before the dentist commences. The cost of the Lumineers will also depend on the number of Lumineers the dentist needs to place on the teeth. Primarily, dentists charge per tooth. Therefore, if the cost per tooth is $1,000, and the dentist is working on three teeth, your total bill will be $3,000.

What Is The Difference Between Lumineers And Veneers?

Dentists bond the Lumineers on the outside of the teeth. The dentist can use them to fix cosmetic issues and make your teeth look brighter and prettier. Lumineers fit the size of the teeth. On the other hand, veneers are bulkier than Lumineers, and the dentist usually needs to drill your tooth for them to fit correctly.

Dentists also use veneers to cover grossly discolored teeth because they are opaquer compared to Lumineers. Veneers are generally resistant to staining. However, their edges can stain after five or so years.

Veneers also need a more extended preparation period. The dentist needs to grind down your tooth’s surface to make them fit better. The dentist also needs to make a mold of your teeth so that the veneers can be custom-made from the mold. The process to make the mold from the veneer takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks. You will need a minimum of three visits to the dentist for a veneer procedure. On the first visit, the dentist will explain the process to you and whether you are a candidate. On the second visit, the dentist has to trim your teeth to create space for the veneers. The final visit is when the dentist bonds the veneers to your tooth.

On the other hand, the preparation needed for Lumineers is relatively short and straightforward. Although you will need two visits to the dentist, the first visit is fast because the dentist doesn’t need to trim your teeth. During this first visit, the dentist will only take the impression of your teeth. The mold is set to the laboratory where the Lumineer is made. The process to make the Lumineers takes approximately two to four weeks. Your dentist will inform you when the Lumineers are ready so that you can go for the second and final appointment.

Who Makes The Best Candidate For Lumineers?

You are an ideal candidate for the procedure if you’re over 18 and don’t have any serious dental condition or infection. Some conditions which could make the procedure challenging is missing teeth, large gaps between teeth, and very crooked teeth. Lumineers work best to correct conditions like minor fractures and cracks, small gaps, and teeth that aren’t very discolored.

If you grind your teeth or bite your nails, you should consider another procedure. Nail-biting and tooth grinding lead to the cracking or breaking of the Lumineers.

Preparation For The Procedure

You don’t need so much preparation for the procedure, especially if your teeth are flat. However, your dentist may recommend a procedure called gingivoplasty. Gingivoplasty is the trimming back of the gums to make the Lumineers fit better. If you undergo gingivoplasty, you’ll need 45 days to heal.

The dentist may also clean and lightly etch your tooth before they make a mold of your teeth. Your dentist may also place a trial smile on your teeth. The trial teeth show what your Lumineers will look like after the final procedure.

What Period Do You Need To Heal From The Procedure?

The results are instantaneous, and you usually don’t need to miss work. Your gums may swell for three weeks or so after the procedure. However, your dentist will prescribe some drugs to manage the swelling. You can also expect the gum to bleed a little. However, if the bleeding becomes excessive or prolongs, you should go back to our dentist and have them check the cause.

Your teeth might also become sensitive to extremely hot or cold foods or drinks. The sensitivity can last for up to a year.

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Lumineers can last for many years. With proper care, they can last for ten to fifteen years. They are also affordable and an excellent option to fix cosmetic problems in patients who want a much more natural smile. Compared to traditional veneers, Lumineers are ultra-thin, which means your teeth need little to no filling. The procedure is also more straightforward, and you generally don’t need anesthesia. The process is noninvasive and generally painless. The result of the procedure is a smile you can be proud to show off.

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